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Monday, June 26, 2017

2017 Tour

All new this year... Western Indiana, Northeastern IL, new analyst.  Tour kicks off on Wednesday as we travel 1650 plus miles in 4 states in 3 days!

Pre-tour expectations are that we will find stands that are not as strong as the past two years.  We also expect to find some wet fields especially in Indiana and Northern Illinois.  Pre-report expectations are for lower corn acreage.  We will try to analyze that as we go but it is always tough to estimate any acreage change.

Here is our road map and the pre-trip stats for rainfall and GDD.

Some initial thoughts on rainfall and GDD.  In comparison, we have received about 5 inches more rain since April 10 than this time last year.  Last year we had 9 locations that we under their 10 year average for this time of year.  This year we have none with 4 locations close to their 10 year average for rainfall.  The highest rainfall since April 10 is nearly 18 inches (Northern IL).  Last year's high was 12.6 inches since April 10 (Southern IA).

On GDD's, this year we are on average 163 GDD ahead of normal or about 6.5 days.  Last year we were at 125 GDD average or 5 days ahead of the 10 year average.